Cleaning Products


Here at Al's Vacuum we provide a wide variety of cleaning products from laundry detergent to all natural carpet cleaners.

We stock: Nellies, Sebo Duo P and Sebo Fresh, Stain-X, Persil Universal, 7 in 1 Carpet Care, Universal Stone, Feather Dusters, Somat, World's Best Pot Scrubbers, A Large Selection of PowAir Odor Neutralizers, Perwoll, Lime Mate Air and Fragrance, and Envirocare Scent Tablets.

Sebo E Canister Vacuum

The SEBO E3 is one of our most popular vacuums. All your accessories are conveniently stored in the back of the machine to keep everything together. A durable, 35 foot cord lets you go anywhere in your house without worrying about range. The Sebo E is reliable, powerful and compact, with hospital grade filtration and a 10-year warranty. Everything on the Sebo E comes apart smoothly and easily so you no longer have to yank at joints. Sebo products are all made with care entirely in Germany. For More Information

Sebo D Canister Vacuum


The SEBO D4 is a full size, powerful super reliable vacuum with a large 1.5 gallon bag. Your accessories are all conveniently stored in the back of the vacuum for quick and easy use. The D4 has excellent hospital grade filtration along with an unmatched 40 foot cord. Comes with a 10 year warranty. All SEBO vacuums are entirely made with care in Germany. For More Information

Sebo Felix Upright Vacuum

The stylish SEBO Felix offers all the maneuverability of its canister counterpart, but in an upright setting. The Felix harbours a 180 degree steering ability, along with its instant use hose. It also comes with a 12-inch-wide ET-1 power head and hospital grade filtration. The SEBO Felix comes with a 10 year warranty. All SEBO vacuums are entirely made in Germany. For More Information

Sebo G-Series Upright Vacuum

The SEBO G-Series is equipped with an incredible 40 foot cable, and ergonomic hand grip; along with a manual brush roller height adjustment system. The G-Series is also equipped with multiple warning systems and automatic shutoff procedures to help prevent clogs, full bags and brush obstructions. Comes with a 10 year warranty. All SEBO vacuums are entirely made with care in Germany. For More Information

Sebo ET-1 & ET-2 Power-Head


The SEBO ETs are commercial grade power-heads that can effectively clean both carpets and hard floors. Both power-heads have a four level manual brush height adjuster, and the brush roller can be shut off to clean delicate rugs and floors. The ET is an incredibly maneuverable powerhead that seemingly glides across the floor; along with its 180 degree steering ability. The SEBO ET-1 is 12 inches wide with a 10.5 inch cleaning path and the ET-2 is 15 inches wide and has a 13 inch cleaning path. All SEBO products are entirely made in Germany. For more information

JohnnyVac AS5/JV5 by Ghibly and Werbel

jv5 2

A compact, robust model for small and medium applications, the Johnny Vac JV5 features a powerful 1000 w motor, high filtration for dry use and a 12-liter capacity. This reliable unit also includes full equipment and a polyester filter. This appliance is easily movable with the caster wheels, and his bumper avoids you any trouble. A unique vacuum cleaner with a European touch!

JohnnyVac AS6/JV6


This vacuum cleaner possesses the power and the state-of-the-art equipment while being very silent. With a tank of 4 gal / 15 L and HEPA bags, this appliance is very easy to handle with the swivel castor wheels. Bumpered to preserve walls and furniture, the slim shape helps you to work anywhere, and you can add a power nozzle by the electrical inlet.

Airstream Cordless Stick Vacuum


The Airstream Cordless Stick Vacuum is a light, portable, and ergonomic wireless vacuum suitable for all floors. The Airstream's handle can pivot 90 degrees to the floor to clean hard to reach places like under furniture and can stand by itself. Comes with a 2 year warranty. For more information

Airstream AS100

Airstream100 Photo 1

The Sebo AS100 is a light, portable, ultra compact vacuum with good suction. Comes with a high quality, easy to use telescopic wand. For more information

iClebo Omega

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The iClebo Omega offers the perfect automatic cleaning experience. Featuring powerful suction with an intelligent turbo mode for cleaning larger debris such as dirt, pet hair, and sand. The Omega comes smart with 19 smart obstacle detectors and jam resistant detectors combined with deep corner cleaning algorithms to keep the floor spotless. For more information